Electric Car public Charge Station

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The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 08 April 2010. Public charge station for two electric cars and one electric bicycle issued by the municipality of Amsterdam. Owners can charge their vehicle via a subscription model.  Pictured, in middle; the electric Think (Th!nk) car. Photo: 31pictures.nl /// Nederland, Amsterdam, 08 april 2010. Openbaar oplaadpunt voor twee electrische auto's en een electrische scooter in beheer van gemeente Amsterdam. Eigenaren kunnen via een abonnement hun voertuigen opladen. In foto midden; de electrische Think (Th!nk) car. Foto: 31pictures.nl /// © 2010 31pictures.nl, all rights reserved /// Copyright information: http://www.31pictures.nl /// production@31pictures.nl /// +31207173456 /// Reference code: 100408235 Electric Car Charge Point.jpg, The Netherlands/NLD, Amsterdam, 08APR10