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The Netherlands, Amsterdam, 06 November, 2009. Students ACTA (Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam) work with the Simodont. The Simodont is a dentail trainer, includes haptics (force feedback), 3D stereo graphics and is developed by MOOG together with ACTA and SenseGraphics. Photo: /// Nederland, Amsterdam, 06 november 2009. Studenten ACTA (Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam) werken met de Simodont. De Simodont is een virtuele simulator voor (pre-)klinische oefeningen, bevat haptische technologie (force feedback), 3D scherm en is ontwikkeld door MOOG samen met ACTA en SenseGraphics. Foto: /// © 2009, all rights reserved /// Copyright information: /// /// +31207173456 /// Reference code: 091106001 Simodont.jpg, The Netherlands/NLD, Amsterdam, 06NOV09 /// Opdracht: Folia